We work with India’s top banks & NBFCs!We provide various type of quick loans.

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We work with India’s top banks & NBFCs!We provide various type of quick loans. We have a vision to cater best & hassle free services in industry. We have developed a complete understanding on the functioning of various banks and their processes and procedures. This enables us to complete the loan process and help our customers in the least possible time. Our team is trained in a way that makes us capable to suggest to you the best and lowest cost solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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We will match you with a loan program that meet your financial need. In short term liquidity,  by striving to make sanction available to them within 3 to 4 days of application.

A personal loan is an-all purpose loan for your own personal use. It could be for any expenses such as funding holidays, purchase of consumer durables, medical expenses, wedding expenses, buying jewelry, down-payment for a home loan, transfer of credit card outstanding, or sudden business requirement.

Personal Loan Features :

 Loans for salaried & self-employed individuals
 Special loans for doctors, chartered accountants, engineers, architects, company secretaries, and ICWAI graduates
 Loans are available from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 20 lakh for any purpose depending on your requirement
 Flexible repayment options, ranging from 12 to 60 months
 Hassle-free loans – No security/guarantor/collateral required
 Repay with easy EMIs
 Balance transfer facility to retire any higher cost debt
 Loans available against repayment track record of any existing auto, personal or home loan
 Loans available against proof of life insurance policy premium receipts
 Simple procedure, minimal documentation, & quick approval

1. Calculating the Rate of Interest:
The rate of interest is used as a selling factor for personal loans. These loans are pushed off with an annual interest rate of just 0.99% or 1.49%, which in reality is on a monthly basis. This rate calculated on a monthly basis leads up to an annual rate of 24-25%. For this purpose a person availing a personal loan should calculate the rate of interest for him to evaluate the extent of interest payable. The impact on calculation of the interest rate on a flat basis is greater than that on the reducing balance. Although, the interest will on the flat rate basis will seems lower at the beginning, the end cost of this method will lead to a greater value than the reducing method due to the continuity of the same amount of interest throughout. With the reducing capital, the interest on the reducing balance will seemingly decrease. In a nutshell, you need to do your arithmetic. You can use our wide range of Financial Calculators for this purpose.

2 .Need for a Loan :
There are numerous opportunities to avail a loan and financing institutions have spared no effort to push their services. This brings in a situation where an individual is made to believe that he or she requires a loan. With this mind frame people tend to take loans without assessing the necessity for it and think of ways to spend it after availing of it. One should always determine the cause for opting for a loan and get one only if there is an absolute necessary.

3. Extracting the Benefit :
Since a loan is there for the taking with the numerous offers, there is a tendency to avail of it and use it in an unproductive manner. While incurring expenses with a loan one should ensure that the benefit of availing a loan is extracted. If the loan is not spent for productive reasons it would lead to a situation of discomfort as the repayment of the loan is going to be coming for regular expenses of day-to-day life.

4. Repayment is a Must :
Availing loans is the primary thought of borrowers and the repayment is hardly taken into consideration. With these types of loans that yield high rates of interest, the borrower should set it as the priority to have it written off the book of dues at the earliest. An outstanding with this type of borrowing could swell the amount of interest to be paid.
Effective Management of a Personal Loan
 Check for the rate of interest and an alternative mode of repaying it with a lower interest value.
 Check for a facility wherein the loan amount can by paid off in bulk payments over several installments.
 Calculate the interest on the flat rate and reducing rate of interest to determine the real value of the loan.
 Ensure payment of all EMIs without skipping a single payment to avoid adding value to the already existing high rate of interest.
 Mark out all possible funds to clear off the loan and get rid of the high costs.

Business loan is an unsecured loan offered to self-employed individuals including proprietors, partnership, private, public ltd cos. on the basis of their turnover & ITR filed for last two years.

 It is unsecured, so No Collateral required
 Loan in the form of overdraft or term loan
 Interest only on the amount utilized
 Flexibility to pay minimum amount
 Faster sanction


We understand that expanding and growing your business to the heights of success is a dream of every entrepreneur like you. At times, to fuel this growth, your enterprise would require urgent finance. At such times, an overdraft against your investments would be just the right option for you. You need not liquidate your precious, farsighted investments and at the same time, meet the financial needs of the present.

Amount : From Rs.10 Lakhs to 3 Crores

Interest Calculation method : Interest charged on a monthly basis on the actual amount utilized.

Ownership : The facility can be granted to the company /partnership / proprietorship against the security of units held in the name of the firm or director / partner / proprietor

Home Loans – Things You Must Know
Given the boom in real estate in India, housing/home loan has become the most popular form of loan. This type of loan benefits the middle class the most in their quest of fulfilling their lifetime dream of owning a house. One should look into the details of a housing loan before deciding on going in for any of the numerous offers available.

Floating Rate
The floating rate on housing loans is a pattern where the rate of interest is not stable. The interest rate fluctuates with the change in the rates in the economy. The borrower can gain form this type of interest charge when there is a dip in the rate of interest, bringing down the cost of the loan. This could also take a turn for the worse incase of an increase of the rate that takes the cost to a greater height.

Fixed Rate
Fixed rate loans are the loans that have a stable rate of interest. Here the rate of interest is unaffected with the changing market scenario. This loan is taken by people who prefer to know the exact cost of the loan and are happy to pay a fixed amount or when there is an expectation of a rise in the market value. However, there is a clause attached with the fixed rate pattern that could actually result in floating rate loan. The rate of interest could come up for review after a certain period of time in order to keep in accord with the market condition. This would lead a need for a change in calculation by the borrower with the earlier being thrown out.

The Process of Taking a Home Loan
The process of taking a loan could be quite nerve-racking for someone who is unfamiliar with it. Not many people repeat the process of a housing loan and it is just a one-time deal. Knowing the process of taking a loan will help a great deal in going about the entire issue.

1. Choosing the Property:
The beginning of the process of getting a housing loan is choosing a property that the borrower is interested in. While choosing the property, one should ensure that he or she is sure about the property and it is to their liking as it is a long term process that is time consuming and properly regulated.

2. Transfer in Ownership
The process of transfer in ownership is very essential in seeking a loan. Lending organizations want to be absolutely sure of the title of ownership while granting a loan. This is to make sure that there is no dispute over the property in question at a later stage. Only after the details are thoroughly checked will the lender go ahead with issuing the loan. Sometimes the lenders themselves do these evasive checks.

3. Derive the Actual Total Loan Amount
There is a limitation on the purposes for issuing a housing loan and a certain percentage of the amount only can be sanctioned. This means that the loan seeker needs to arrange for the remaining amount through a different source. Some of the expenses borne while buying a property are not covered under the loan and these will need to be financed by the individual. Only after taking all these factors into consideration can one derive the actual loan amount.

4. Documentation Process
The documentation process involved in availing a housing loan is absolutely vital. This process involves looking into various requirements that need to be fulfilled like the loan agreement and security documents. There is also a proposal form that needs to be filled with additional surety documents surrendered. Only on completion of this process will the loan process move forward.

5. Using the Loan for the Right Purpose
Using the loan for the required purpose is essential as the loan amount is sanctioned based on the agreement that it would be used for a specific purpose. The use of the amount in the right manner is a completion of the agreement between the lender and borrower on the reason for the loan.

6. Repayment
The repayment of the loan follows the completion of the borrowing process. The EMI amount is written out for repayment of the loan and the pre EMI interest is also mentioned. Repaying the loan is to be done in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon.

The floating rate of interest will need to be taken into consideration for loans that have a provision of foreclosure.
 Make sure that the home loan availed is within the means in terms of repayment.
 Go in for fixed rate loans when the interest is low and there is a possibility of it growing.
 Choose a floating rate loan if the interest rate is high at the time of availing the loan.
 Be cautious of the duration of the loan exceeding the working years of the borrower.
 Closely monitor the impact of the changes in the market, especially in case of a floating rate loan.
 Claim the benefits of tax reduction for the loan availed by submitted the documents required.

Loan Against Property (LAP)

1. The loan received as loan against property can be used for
 Business expansion
 To start a new business
 To repay the existing loans running at high rate.
 To consolidate multiple EMI’s into one single loan.
 To convert the cash credit limit into EMI base loan.
 To renovate house or else.
 For any other personal use.
 Funding existing business, Debt Consolidation, Emergencies, Education etc.

2. The loan amounts in loan against property varies from bank to bank. one can get loan from Minimum Rs.500,000 to Maximum Rs.1,00,000,000.

3. The maximum loan amount can go up to 75% of residential property and 60% of commercial property.

4. Collateral offered should be freehold (few banks lend against leasehold or power of attorney basis also). The property in case of loan against property can also be offered of the individuals which can be of directors / partners.

5. The loan against property carries a feature of quick disbursal, within 10 days of the submission of the application form and required documents.
 The individual takes the loan by mortgaging the house property.
 One of the cheapest retail loans after home loans.
 Maximum loan eligibility is determined primarily by the value of the property and income.
 Maximum loan tenure for LAP is up to 10 years (120 months)
 Secured loan

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What does Easyfinance do ?

We as an online marketplace for financial products, we provide credit financing through partnered institutes to individuals, businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Easyfinance ensures end-to-end services, including sourcing, application, documentation, follow-ups with banks and disbursement.

What can I apply for via Easyfinance ?

Our range of consumer products includes home loans,loans against property,Loan balance transfer,business loans and Personal Loan.

Why should I apply via Easyfinance ?

Here are the top 5 reasons : Because we offer a range of banks and NBFC’s to choose from, it is both convenient and easy to work with. You apply through one trusted channel and we can assure you of your disbursements. Because you can compare a range of products with the help of our unique matchmaking algorithm. It uses your basic details to find the best deal for you. Because you can get special offers from Easyfinance. Because we offer end-to-end solutions right until disbursement. Because by working with us, you can save about a week on your application processing time. We guarantee instant in-principal approval on your application in real-time from financial institutes.

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No our service is completely free. We are authorized channel partners with all the major banks.

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You can call us on 9833978781 or send us an email at info@Easyfinance.in, we will get in touch with you.

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We work with India’s top banks & NBFCs!We provide various type of quick loans. We have a vision to cater best & hassle free services in industry. We have developed a complete understanding on the functioning of various banks and their processes and procedures. 

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